Sci-Fi Stories That Will Blow Your Mind!
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Synopsis of “Flashbang: Sci-Fi Stories That Will Blow Your Mind!”

         “Flashbang: Sci-Fi Stories That Will Blow Your Mind!” is a compilation of six science-fiction short stories, with two poems, and three soundtracks. Three of the stories in the book, “Hatched”, “Bird Gone Bust”, and “Birds of a Feather” are interconnected; the first two being character origin stories and the last being an adventure story that includes both of the characters introduced in “Hatched” and “Bird Gone Bust”.
The stories in the book range widely in both subject and format, from the “My So-Called Powers” which is a comedic, anti-bullying narrative to the somber “Teddy Ninja” which is written in haiku form. The content and maturity levels also have a wide range, from a PG-13 “Blowup” which is a friendly bondage story to the R-rated “Twist-A-Tale” which has some very graphic violence. What ties all these stories together is that each of the characters is searching for something. Be it a sense of peace, confidence, or freedom, each of these people, varying colors of the human and not so human rainbow, needs something desperately. It is up to the reader to decide if they have reached their goal at the end of their story.